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Red Team Adversary Emulation Lab - FAQ

Is there an option to just purchase the lab access instead of opting for self-host option?

  • No. At present students who wish to avail the lab can only opt for self-host option.

Do you plan to launch lab access packages in the near future?

  • No. We don’t have any plans to launch paid lab packages.

How much time will it take for the request to be processed after submitting the Self-hosting Prerequisites and Eligibility Form?

  • You should hear back from us within 24 hours.

Are all students eligible for self-host option?

  • Yes. All students who have signed up for the course either on Teachable or Udemy are eligible for self-host option.

Can I avail lab access without signing up for the course?

  • You will need to sign up for the course to be eligible for this option.

How can I check the charges I am incurring for hosting the lab?

  • You can check the charges in AWS Billing section.

Can I reverse engineer your lab?

  • Yes. Infact, we are counting on you for that. Not only will it be a good exercise in understanding how labs are created on AWS, it will enable you to create and share your labs in a similar manner.

How to reach the lab support team?

  • Once your request to self-host has been approved, you will be added to a student support channel on Discord. You can post all your queries there.

How will lab access be provided?

  • Lab access will be provided via browser-based interface. Through this interface you will be able to access a pre-configured Kali Linux machine via both, GUI and SSH.

Lab deployment got stuck or errored out in between, what should I do?

  1. Run the !destroy command. That should clean up resources created during the failed depployment.
  2. Once !destroy command has finished doing it’s magic, run !deploy command again.
  3. If this doesn’t work, follow these steps to clean up your AWS account:
    • a. Login to your AWS account > EC2 - > Terminate all running instances whose name starts with “TFL-“ and “RTR-“. Wait for instances to terminate.
    • b. In EC2 go to Key Pairs -> Select all key pairs starting with “tfl-box” and “rtr-attacker-box” -> delete them
    • c. Go to VPC -> Select VPC whose name starts with “TFL-LAB” -> delete it (This operation should also delete all other network resources created by AKSH)
    • d. If you see multiple VPCs whose name starts with “TFL-LAB”, delete them one by one
    • e. Go to VPC -> Internet gateways -> Select internet gateway whose name starts with “TFL-LAB” -> delete it (Note: this step is required in certain scenarios only).

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